The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour came to my town (well, a neighboring community that I had no compunctions about driving to), and it was hilarious. It was spot-on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I saw it. You should see it, too. Click here:

Since you’re still reading, I can only assume you:

  1. Haven’t yet gotten tickets;
  2. Need more convincing; or
  3. Have issues doing what people tell you to.

Fools. See this show!

Joel, Crow and Tom Servo. Boom.

Here’s what great about it: Joel is back riffing like he never missed a beat. There are two new characters, created just for the traveling show. They keep the show moving. The puppeteers voicing Crow and Tom Servo fit the spirit of the bots. Of particular note is Connor McGiffin, whose rich baritone is flawless, and reminiscent of Kevin Murphy. Yvonne Freese was a delight as the mad, and I hope the Netflix show finds opportunities for her. Emily Marsh was wonderful, and at the end of the show, you wish they had her do more.

Nate Begle might have been born to be Crow T. Robot.

This is a cast which knows its MST3K. During an audience participation segment after the intermission, the bots dropped a Coleman Francis reference.

Then there’s the riffing.

It’s amazing “Circus of Horrors” had not before crossed the show’s path. It involves a Nazi plastic surgeon who trades surgery for ownership in a circus. Then a man is hilariously killed by a bear. This movie is not a comedy. Nor is it particularly science fiction. This movie is, however, ripe for the riffing.

The jokes seemed to come at a faster pace than the show, with easily accessible quips, to jokes that dove deep back into MST3K’s history, with call backs to Eegah! An incessant song “Look for a Star” weaves its way into your brain like a foul parasite; McGiffin’s counter song is a powerful antidote.

If this is truly Joel Hodgson’s last live show with MST3K, he’s going out strong.

I talked to friends who saw the alternate show “No Retreat, No Surrender,” and that was a strong piece as well. The bottom line: if you’re a fan of MST3K, you shouldn’t miss the traveling show.

The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour: Five Worfs Heads

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